CARD Adults also offers individualized 1:1 services based on the traditional CARD service model using the CARD Adults curriculum. These services are designed to meet either short or long term goals of adult clients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In addition to teaching targeted skills, an emphasis is placed on the reduction and replacement of maladaptive behaviors, repetitive and stereotyped behavior patterns and inappropriate social behaviors as needed. The primary goals addressed will be driven by the concerns and goals of the adult individual, their planning team and their family.


CARD Adults all provides direct consultation services to professionals and parents/caregivers of adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Our CARD Adults team offers person-centered consultation services in behavior management and crisis prevention that are tailored to the individual adult and their specific needs.

  • The following services are provided under CARD Adults Consultations:
  • Individualized Professional & Parent/Caregiver Training
  • Training for Community Partners
  • Behavior Intervention Plan Development
  • Treatment Plan Development
  • Assessments & Recommendations


CARD Integrated Services (CIS) is offered at our various CARD centers. CIS may take place in several settings, including the CARD centers, workplace, and community, so that the adult may gain the social, vocational, self-help and functional skills they need seamlessly integrate into the community. CIS are also focused on building sustainable community partnerships to help consumers achieve their goals and benefit the community at large. These services are appropriate for individuals who have completed CARD Teens or are entering treatment at 18 years of age or older. CIS are specifically for adults that would benefit from hands-on training for general and/or specific vocational skills.


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